Plan for your 2021 Goals

Goals are like the light in the darkness. At the beginning of the year, it seems essential to have goals. Words like vision boards, life goals, yearly goals, weekly goals and daily goals are thrilling. It is incredibly inspiring to set time aside to write goals.

Find a Quiet Time at the Beginning of the Year

When the year begins, take two or three days to think and then write down your main goals in one afternoon or a day. A Sunday afternoon could be sufficient for some. I have found the weekend is the best time for me, as I am less busy and Sunday is a special day, as filled with God’s presence after the morning service.

Choose the best time when you feel connected to your highest intuition and capable of making the right decisions.  

Get a Vision Board

First, buy or create a big enough board to contain your vision of what your life could be. Mine is about one 90 cm long and about 60 cm large. I purchased it on Amazon. I also have a virtual board that I have found on Google Play Store. Download an application from the Play Store to write down your goals. Have a board that is large enough to contain all your life goals and yearly goals. Get an annual planner for your monthly goals, weekly and daily goals. There are some great planners out there; and some with a definite spiritual focus, etc.

Your vision board is a snapshot of the things you wish to accomplish in your life. These are the dreams you want to make real. It is a visual board with images or words or both, with all the things you wish for in your life. In spiritual terms, it is about visualisation and clarity.

Be patient; you are trying to make your dreams come true, which require talent, handwork, and grace. It is not wishful thinking, but rather a combination of serendipity and work to bring one’s goals to a successful conclusion.

Planning from Unmanifest to Manifest

Your goals will cover the main areas of your life: work, marriage, family, spirituality, travel, business, and whatever you dream of. It can be as powerful as you wish and as you exercise your thoughts and mind, you can attract the things you wish for and work hard to manifest them. You can make your dream and visions come true.

Remember the whole universe will conspire to help you.

Segregate your goals into Yearly, Monthly, and Daily

Your goals are all about what you want to achieve during the year. And everyone has got their own. But look at what you wish to stop, start, and continue for the year. Then, work on yourself and accomplish your goals. Develop the right habits to reach your goals. Make sure your goals are SMART.

S=SpecificM: MeasurableA: AchievableR: RealisticT: Time-bound

Your goals can concern any areas of your life:

  • Health goals (lose weight, have nutritious and healthy meals, walk 10,000 steps a day, sleep well, exercise 3 or 4 times a week, practice daily yoga and meditation)
  • Financial goals (Create an emergency basket, a saving basket and an investment basket, and save for retirement, regularly check your credit score and plan for it so that you are able to clear all debts and have a coherent monthly or weekly budget)
  • Family Goals (Get quality time with family members, keep a good connection with those who are close and far, love all, call parents at least once a week, spent time with kids or parents)
  • Relationship goals (Bring attention to your relationships, show appreciation and affection, allow your partner to be his/her best self, accept your beloved as they are—be generous and altruistic to love and be loved)
  • Career Goals (get a promotion, get a pay increase, get a better job, or change the environment in your job, create time for continuous learning and further enhanced skills, create a side business, volunteer for not for profits, connect and network with inspiring people)
  • Personal growth goals (Have a personal development plan, implement it; have an excellent self-improvement plan, read x number of books per month, spend quality time with yourself)
  • Travel plan (Organise regular time off to unwind, take great vacation in your own home or your favourite places in the world)
  • Spiritual goals (Pray more, love more, forgive more, be regular in your daily spiritual practice)

In conclusion, take some days to think and write down the goals you wish to achieve in 2021. Afterwards, during the year, keep the board somewhere you can see regularly and check from time to time how well you are doing. By the end of the year, you will be seeing that the clarity of writing down a vision board and setting up your goals have been an amazing factor in your success.

Keep on updating your monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Write down your priorities and accomplishment. It is one of the surest ways to success. Plan your day, week, month and stick to the plan. Have rooms for change, as nothing is more certain than change. Have room for alternatives and allow 40% of free time in your daily and weekly planning to cope with alternatives, changes and ad-hoc tasks.

At the end of 2021, many goals will be achieved. It will be thanks to a combination of self-effort and grace. Trust the process and start writing your goals.

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