An effective communication strategy

A communication strategy is designed to help organizations communicate effectively and meet key objectives. To start, it is useful to highlight the context. The following steps will help you write a compelling communication strategy.

  1. Set the communication goals and objectives.
  2. Identify key stakeholders including the target audiences.
  3. Develop effective messages which will speak to the audiences. The messages should be relevant and appropriate to the different audiences.
  4. 4.Identify key communication channels, techniques, and tools.
  5. Create a timeline of activities. The timetable indicates the key communications activities, budget, and resources allocated to delivering the strategy.
  6. The communications strategy should conclude with a section on evaluation.

You can also include a PR and Press strategy to raise organizational profile in the media; or a digital strategy to build an online presence using social media, a website, online campaign and web marketing.

Click on the link to see how to deliver an effective communication strategy.

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