The objectives

When you formulate objectives, they must meet certain standards. Be and think SMART when setting work objectives.

They must be SMART

  • Specific: The works objective must be sensible, concrete, observable, and tangible and it can be defined. It is reasonable to do and not impossible to achieve
  • Measurable – Manager and staff members should be able to assess and evaluate work objectives and the level of achievement. There should be an accurate indicator of the results expected and it should be quantifiable.
  • Achievable – They should not be vague or too abstract. Each work objective can be achieved without any obstacle that precludes completion.
  • Realistic –The objectives must be reasonable. The manager must verify that the work or project is feasible and can be accomplished by the staff member and within the parameters of the job description. And if an action plan is agreed upon, the staff member will follow it gradually and step-by-step in order to reach the objective.
  • Time – They must have a deadline, a specific time to achieve it.

Having work objectives helps manage time effectively, so make sure that you are aware of your work objectives as well as your personal objectives.

What are your professional objectives?  
What are your personal objectives?  
What do you want to achieve in life?  
What do you want to achieve now?  
Where do you see yourself in five, ten or fifteen, years?  

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