Happiness is the eternal quest of man. From fleeting pleasures to deep and abiding joy, or moments of intense emotions to boundless optimism, each one of us has his own definition of happiness. While human beings do not share necessarily the same definition of happiness, and the word ‘happiness’ is difficult to define, we all thirst for happiness and wonder how to be happy. Is there a way to happiness; is there a path that can lead us to happiness?  

Psychologists, journalists, philosophers, priests and pastors and many others professionals have researched and wrote about happiness.  Their works show that a healthy life filled with love, faith, prosperity and abundance, gratitude, altruistic services, devotion to the divine, a meaningful spirituality, a rewarding and meaningful work, etc. are sources of joy and happiness.  

Honest work and services help men to keep their dignity and grow and mature in competences and wisdom. The quest for self-knowledge can start with a deep commitment to one’s life mission or work, and this also will be a great source of happiness.  And secondly on can also strive to achieve happiness in one’s private life. To strike a positive balance between work and life is certainly a great source of comfort and happiness.

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