Conflict Resolution methods

There are many conflict resolution methods, such as DESC or ABCD, etc., each with its strengths and weakness.

The DESC Method

Describe the facts: explain what are the actions or behaviours that are the causes of conflicts.

Express your feelings: explain why that behaviour/action is an issue.

Specify the solutions you are seeking: explain in what way the resulting actions or change of behaviour will impact positively on the conflict and bring a successful end;

Conclude: Convince others and explain the consequences if no actions are taken.

The A.B.C.D. method

The efficient points

Address separately the questions linked to the people and the subject of the disagreement.

Base your attention on the interests at stake and not on the positions.

Create a sufficient number of supplementary solutions providing mutual gains (not necessarily equal).

Determine verifiable criteria for the agreement.

Whether we are directly concerned by the conflict or outside a conflict and trying to help and solve it, our situation is nevertheless delicate. What is required is to do our utmost best to work and put an end to the conflict. It is a more subtle process when we are an insider to the conflict rather than an outsider. When we are directly concerned by a conflict, there is more pressure and it is difficult to keep the emotional distance required for solving the conflict. It is then essential to not play mind games but to use fair play in order to solve all the issues at stake.  An efficient approach requires apprehending the problem in a certain state of mind by respecting a code of ethics (respect the interests and situations of each person and avoid wronging anyone) and by having the firm desire to succeed and solve the conflict. When we deal with a conflict ethically, we are seeking a win-win resolution and we see a conflict as a source of evolution. It is not only a source of stress but also an opportunity, a chance for change. The conflict becomes a chance for dialogue, a time to listen and exchange on the disagreements. It is a question of approaching the conflict with a positive, creative, and significant vision. To reach a successful end to a conflict, we need to have the willingness to have a dialogue.


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